The best Udemy courses to fast forward yourself from a beginner to lead react.js developer.

The best Udemy courses to fast forward yourself from a beginner to lead react.js developer.


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Udemy is by far the most popular learning platform, offering a massive amount of video content from awesome creators.

Due to this massive offer, the platform might become overwhelming, especially if you are a beginner with no idea where to begin.

I still remember the time when I started using the platform back in 2017, at the time, I only knew some HTML and all I could do with CSS was change the text colour.

It took me almost a month of research before finding the best and most valuable resources to expand my knowledge on HTML - CSS - JavaScript and finally React.js.

Here is the list of the courses I personally took, and achieved my goal in becoming a lead developer working for one of the big 4 consultancy companies.

Disclaimer: Following a self teaching path is hard, but doable. You need a good dose of discipline, willpower, dedication and perseverance.

In the following days I will publish a full blog on how I organised my studies, tools and tricks I used to stay focused. Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter.

The List


When it comes to web development and design, you have to give it to Jonas, after finishing this 12hours course you will have a solid HTML and CSS knowledge foundation.


My styling really sucked until I took this course, Jonas explains in detail the most advanced CSS topics, project structure, css pre-processors and compilers.


This one is the top Javascript course on Udemy, it covers all topics from primitives to hardcore topics such as closures, prototypal chain, IEFE etc… Jonas just published a new update, and the course is now 28h long!!


When it comes to React, Stephen is arguably the best teacher out there.
The foundation of my career as a developer is built thanks to his knowledge.

Stephen explains every tiny piece of React in detail, and keeps hammering on it until you get it.

Stephen’s teaching signature is highly effective, his videos do not exceed +/- 5min, this gives you the ability to absorb the content, and also reference a topic easily after you finish the course.

Stephen is one of the few teachers who i never heard saying “do it like this because it works that way”. Every single topic comes with a thorough explanation.

Stephen utilises diagrams to help visual learners, like myself, get a good grasp of the topic. You receive the diagrams together with the course repository for free.

Important note :

I’m not making paid marketing for any of the creators mentioned above, I don't think they need marketing after all. The sole intention of my post is to share my learning path, and help aspiring web developers.

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